Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Why you haven't heard from us

After reading Steini's bicycle diaries you must be ready for more news
from abroad. Verena and I have been traveling some of Europe's most
marvelous and exotic places. These pictures document our
journey---nothing for the faint-hearted.

On a different note: Verena has just started with her job in
Bolzano/Italy. For myself the company has not been able to get me a
working visa for the US, since the 65000 for this year have all been
used. It looks like I have to start working in their Madrid office, and
I hope this will still happen in 2004...

OK, now enjoy:

This might be your first glimpse of West Berlin when stepping out of the train station
"Zoologischer Garten".  At least gets you into the right mood (?). NB:
After leaving Edinburgh, we went back to Potsdam/Berlin to clear our old
flat, sell our remaining worldly possessions on eBay, play some skat and
drink some Bier.

On the other hand, Bamberg
might appeal to the more romantic type. It is a beautiful town in the
north of Bavaria (thus, the South of Germany), which should not be
called Bavaria if not to offend the locals (the "Franks"). NB: We went
here to show some friends from the States around, and drink the amazing
local beer (Rauchbier ("Smoked beer"), tastes like smoked ham). I like
our 2 friends from Connecticut in this one...

Next in our attempt to show our
guests the very best of Olde Europe, we took them to the old Bavarian
city of Regensburg. In the background you
can see the old (Roman times) bridge over the mighty Danube river. In
the front people frantically waiting to place their orders in a

Absinthe in Prague. (Verena, Shakti,

Still in Prague, this specimen somehow
failed to illustrate the supremacy of a free market.

In the Italian Alps, close to Bolzano. We
took some days to hike, after having moved Verena's stuff to her new
place in Bolzano. 

In the Italian Alps, on top of the
. After some uncertainty (aka panic) (it was getting
cold, dark and very misty up there) we finally made it to the lift
station, AND it was still running, so they would take us back down to
the valley.

. Hmm.... wasn't that lift
station supposed to be around here?

The mountain Schlern
. Nice view from the
lift cabin. We saved this boy for our next trip!


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