Monday, October 25, 2004

London, future plans

I spent the last few days in London and had a very nice time indeed. If I had been there longer I would've contacted (oops, I meant Bilal) and Frank, but that will have to wait until next time. I didn't really have any preconceptions about the city itself, though I was a bit surprised to find that you could really walk around most of it very easily, as it wasn't as huge as I expected. At night we did make good use of the tube, however, and that was incredibly handy. The weather cooperated on Sunday but it was pretty terrible on Saturday.

The pictures below are just two random snapshots from yesterday, one of Picadilly and one of Trafalgar Square. There was some sort of military ceremony going on at the time.

I will be in Edinburgh for another week and a half or so and then will be off to St. Petersburg for about a week. I'm very excited about that, with the only concern being that it could be mighty cold. So I'm stocking up on warm stuff.

Hope everyone has a good beginning to the week.


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